Studio 29

UX Copywriter

  • Location Gauteng
  • Category Digital
  • Job Type Contract
  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref # 5284

Our client is looking for a storyteller, someone intuitively good at anticipating what words are needed, and when. Be part of the UX team working on a website’s user experience strategy that will convey the brand voice and shape the product experience.

This is a contract role for a fixed term period of one year (Could be extended)

Craft copy that helps users complete the task at hand

Write the text that users see as they are navigate their way through apps, websites, devices, and software. Provide the content for error messages, on-screen help text, pull down menu content, and more

Write promotional materials aimed at getting the user to take action

Craft copy with the user in mind that is not only user friendly but intuitive.

Craft interface copy, calls-to-action,

Narrative design and conversational design copy.

Write copy for user-facing touchpoints.

Embody the voice of the organization


Conduct or partner in user and audience research as part of the user centred design process.

Unpack customer insights, and iterate on the content and the overall design to produce innovative products and features.


Innovative and effective copy, combining creative inspiration with creative leadership to introduce new ideas and experiences to the world. You must be able to defend and explain your choices of a word for a label, be able to justify, based on research, why that word is a better choice than another


Cross-team collaboration is a critical responsibility in UX writing. Collaborate across teams with marketing, legal, and business development.

Cross-functional team member

Have different skillsets i.e. content strategy, editorial etc.

Flexibility and initiative

You need to work well in a truly agile environment, be willing to take on cross-functional tasks (like generating a wireframe, developing voice guidelines, or plan editorial strategies)

Training / Experience required in any of the following

Journalism or Creative Writing, technical writing, communications, public relations etc.