Studio 29

Senior C# Developer

  • Location Century City, Western Cape
  • Category Back-end Developer
  • Job Type Permanent
  • Salary Negotiable
  • Ref # 5239

Get in on the ground level while the architecture is still evolving and come learn with them!
This team is building a distributed system from an existing monolith. A new member will have the opportunity to research and assess different tech in the Azure stack to help drive the end design of the system. Take complete ownership of the development of a microservice and learn to use data projections via Azure Service bus to guarantee service autonomy. You own the Azure Repo and the CI. You design the service and pick the database stack. They already have COSMOS DB and SQL.

If you:
1. Want to work in cloud development
2. Know that you cannot teach yourself everything
3. Are excited to specialize in a piece of cloud tech and teach it to your peers
4. Are keen to have your peers teach you their specialist learnings
5. Want to learn to architect distributed systems using
a. Message queues
b. Azure storage
c. Service Fabric
d. Service Bus
e. Serverless Functions
f. Azure AD and RBAC