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Easy Apply.

This should be about YOU.

We want out of the bun fight, instead we will be offering a service to job seekers, focussing on THEIR skills, requirements and goals. We are not bound by metrics, we don’t need to refer x amount of people a week to make target, whether they are suitable or not. Our focus is candidate centric.

When you are ready we would like to work with you, as your Agent. Our focus will be on marketing YOU, YOUR skills & requirements to companies who add value to your career path & goals. As your Agent, we will have YOUR best interests at heart.

You would need to bring honesty, commitment & participation to the table. It will also mean that for a short period of time you give us “sole mandate” to work with your CV.

What is in it for you?

You deal with one recruiter

Your experience is stress & fuss free

Your time is not wasted going to interviews you are not suited to

Your non-negotiables are met

Total transparency

So, if you have plans to look for new adventures in the future, and would like to do a “soft” search without the stress that goes with job seeking, let us know.

We are not the right agency for you if;

You want to apply for the CEO role at Eskom or something similar

You are looking for a top senior management role

If your salary expectation is more than R1.5m pa

Your preference is to work for a large corporate

You are only interested in contracting

You are looking for a role outside of the industries we work in (IT / Finance / Digital / HR)

You are a new graduate or 1st time job seeker (you need to have at least 2 years commercial experience). There is a blog section devoted to how you can improve your chances of finding a job ( Increase your chances of finding a job )

(This service may not work for you if you are urgently looking for a new role, but we do work with a network of ethical recruiters we trust who would assist if we do not have suitable roles available)

Use us and our contacts to take the next step on your career path. No fuss!