Studio 29

UX / UI Designer

  • Location Western Cape
  • Role UX / UI Designer - Northern Suburbs / Century City preferred
  • Salary R35K
  • Years Experience 3+ years
  • Highest Qualification University of Cape Town - User Experience Design
  • Ref # 180
  • Age 35
  • EE/AA Status none
  • Gender Male
  • Drivers Licence Yes
  • Reliable Transport Yes

A keen individual that is always willing to learn and looks forward to a challenge. Positive, fast learner that works well under pressure and has a keen eye for detail. Very determined and diligent worker, always looking to succeed in life and work. Enjoys working with and supporting people while working towards a user-centered (and empathetic) design processes.


UX/UI Design | User Observation | User Research | User Testing | Design Thinking | Scrum | Agile | Sketching | Wireframes | Mockups | Prototypes | Personas | User Journeys | Empathy Mapping | Use Cases | Workflows | SQL | HTML | CSS


Current Role - UX Designer


● User Research including shadowing, observation, user interviews, user testing, analytics, system usability scale, etc.

● Sketching and prototyping; paper prototypes with wireframing in tools like Balsamiq.

● High fidelity mockups with tools like Sketch, Adobe Xd, Figma.

● Mockups and Prototypes for collaboration and testing include InVision and InVision Studio, Adobe Xd and Figma.

● Collaborating with different stakeholders, clients and developers.

● Ensuring good team chemistry, communication, health, spirits and culture are kept in good standards.

● Promoting the vision of the company, teams and products and brands.

● Working in remote teams across multiple languages and timezones.

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