Studio 29

Software Engineer

  • Location Gauteng
  • Role Software Engineer (Remote or Western Cape)
  • Salary R75K negotiable for the right opportunity
  • Years Experience 7
  • Highest Qualification MSc Pure Mathematics
  • Ref # 301
  • Age 28
  • EE/AA Status None
  • Gender Male
  • Willing to Relocate Yes

With a Masters in Pure Mathematics and a treasure trove of skills, this Software Developer is available for new roles. (Remote or Western Cape)

His experience includes solid .NET, especially with a lot of the newest tech. On the front end side he is more than capable with Vue/Nuxt, and has built most of devops (AzureDevops) for the projects.





Passionate about problem solving

Highly adaptable

I enjoy working with a team of highly motivated individuals solving interesting, challenging problems. My skill set is diverse, with exceptional quantitative as well as people-oriented skills.

I adhere to the SOLID Principles, am a firm believer in Test-Driven Development and the correct implementation of the right design patterns.


Degrees / Certs

MSc Pure Mathematics 2015

BSc Hons Pure Mathematics 2014

University of the Witwatersrand

AZ 301 - Microsoft Azure Architect Design

University of the Witwatersrand

Professional Scrum Master I –

AWS Certified Developer - Associate (2018)

Summary of Skills

Tech Time Proficiency

C# 8.0+

.NET Core 3.0+








Company 1: (2015)

Software Developer: iOS and Xamarin

Gained Native iOS experience while contracted to a large corporation. Learned both Objective-C and iOS;

Built up experience working in the iOS ecosystem with the iOS framework; Excelled as a native iOS developer, particularly in the design and implementation of complex layer animations due to a strong mathematical background.

Company 2 (2016) Quantitative Analyst: Credit Risk

Experience in the development of new Credit Risk Models for the Group Credit Risk

Portfolio of corporate bank, playing a pivotal role in the conversion of the IAS39 credit risk models to the new IFRS9 credit risk models; Part of a team taking a supervisory role over the IFRS9 conversion process, which gave me an excellent view of the bank-wide credit risk operations.

Re-employed by Company 1: (2017-2020) Software Developer:


Head-hunted due to previous performance at corporate; Worked on a brand-new project developing a Xamarin application for corporate. Played a key role in the success of one of the first enterprise Xamarin apps in the country.

Spring (with Oracle SQL)

Novice experience as a back-end developer using a microservice architecture, with Java Spring, orchestrating a Docker cluster with Kubernetes. Was part of the team that moved the app backend from older monolithic services to a modern microservices approach.

TeamCity, Python

Put in charge of the set-up and implementation of DevOps for the corporate mobile app.

Automated the build process with TeamCity & Python. This included unit testing reports, certificate signing and publishing both Android and iOS versions of the app to the testing environment as well as respective app stores.

C#, SQL BI Tools

Contracted for a Data Science project for another corporate, due to my strong mathematical background.

Data Forecasting, Preparation, and Cube Building using SSIS, SSRS and SSAS were some of my responsibilities.

C#, ASP.NET Core, VueJS, SQL Server, DevOps

Worked for a tech strong company, helping them break up their WCF Monolith into a Micro Service Architecture; Built up a wealth of SQL experience optimizing existing SQL structures. Began the rewrite of the old Razor MVC front-end using VueJS. Assisted with setting up most of the devops framework, all on Azure DevOps.

Gained in depth SQL, Azure, and VueJS/Nuxt experience as the lead on a rewrite team.

Company 3 (2020-) Azure Architect

Company 2 had decided to move onto more lucrative clients, and I decided to stay on and finish the rewrite. In the process, I worked with a myriad of Azure technologies - EventHubs, EventGrids, Azure Functions, SignalR, CosmosDB, Azure Cloud Storage. The move to Azure was built on a strong DevOps backbone enforced and set up in Azure Devops. The goal of the project was not just a rewrite, but to architect a highly scalable update streaming service on Azure. All of this was built to service a brand new front-end using Nuxt.

C#, ASP.NET Core, VueJS, SQL Server, DevOps

Experience / TechTotal YearsRate
C# 8.0+ 7 9/10
.NET Core 3.0+28/10
Azure 26/10
AzureDevops 3 7/10

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