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Principal Full Stack Software Engineer and DataOps Team Lead available for new opportunities

  • Location Western Cape
  • Role Full Stack Software Engineer and DataOps Team Lead
  • Salary Negotiable
  • Years Experience 9
  • Highest Qualification M.Sc. in Systems and Computing Engineering
  • Ref # 216
  • EE/AA Status None
  • Gender Male
  • Drivers Licence Yes
  • Reliable Transport Yes

Software and solution architect with a master degree in Software Engineering and 9+ years of professional experience available for new opportunities in Cape Town.

Thorough hands-on experience in designing, analysing, modelling, and developing enterprise software. Entrepreneur experience in IT solutions and custom development, and former University lecturer with high interest in Data Engineering, AI and machine learning.

Experience leading teams using open source and licensed tools, designing and implementing Cloud-based products and hands-on development in web and mobile products.

Designer and Architect of BigData solutions using Event-Driven Architectures, Event-Sourcing and Stream Pipelines through reference architectures such as Kappa and Lambda.

Skill Highlights

• Agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, DAD and SaFe

• Languages: Java, Python, Kotlin, Javascript/ ES6, Swift, Ruby, Objective C, C, C#, C++ and VB

• Web Frameworks/platforms: Spring/ Springboot, Django, AWS Lambda (ClaudiaJS), JEE, NodeJS, Meteor, Ruby on Rails, SenecaJS, and .NET

• Mobile Frameworks/platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Ionic, Xamarin


• Modelling languages: UML, BPMN, SOMF, and Archimate

• Version Control System: Git (Github, Bitbucket, and GitLab) and SVN

• Artificial Intelligence: Deep Learning (CVs and VUIs) using Keras & Tensorflow and thirdparty APIs such as AWS Alexa. BigQuery ML

• Cloud Computing: AWS, GCP, Joyent, Azure, and Jelastic

• DevOps: Docker, Bitbucket Pipelines, Vagrant, SonarQube, Chef, GitLab CI, Google Deployment Manager and Cloud Build.

• Relational DBMS: MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQLServer

• No-SQL DBMS: BigQuery, MongoDB, Redis, DynamoDB, Sesame, Neo4J

• Big Data: Apache Beam/Google DataFlow, BigQuery, Google PubSub, Spark, Redshift

• Tests: Cucumber, JUnit, Spek, Spok

• Biometric systems: Digital Persona

CV Highlights - Condensed

Principal Full Stack Software Engineer and DataOps Team Lead – XXX - Oct 2019 to Current

• DataOps Team lead responsible for the migration of the current BI Data warehouse from MSSQL to GCP. Main responsibilities:

Senior Software Engineer – XXX - Nov 2017 to Current

• Architect, design and implement the Payment Microservice solution for all our gateways implementation.

System Architect – XXX - Jul 2016 to Oct 2017

• Architect and design high-level and low-level multiple IT solutions.

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