Studio 29

Fullstack Developer available for new opportunities

  • Location Western Cape
  • Role Fullstack Developer - Northern Suburbs
  • Salary R32k pm
  • Years Experience 5
  • Highest Qualification Cape Peninsula University of Technology – Diploma in Applications Development
  • Ref # 211
  • Age 24
  • EE/AA Status None
  • Gender Male
  • Drivers Licence Yes
  • Reliable Transport Yes

This friendly, open Fullstack Developer is now ready to broaden his horizons having worked for his current company for 5 years, after doing an internship.

He is available almost immediately as per an agreement with his current company who are sorry to see him go but understand that it is time for him to move on.


Front End Skills

• HTML5,Angular Material Design, CSS3, Angular 6-8, React v13, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, SASS, Bootstrap 4

Back End Skills

• PHP, Node.js, Express.js, Javascript, TypeScript, Java, Google Cloud Platform(Serverless Deployment), MySql, NoSql, JSON Web Token(JWT)

Software Skills

• MongoDB, PHPMyAdmin, Git, Jira, Slack, Trello, POSTman, MAMP, ADOBE Photoshop, Netbeans, Visual Studio Code, Electron. GCLOUD, Oracle

Interpersonal Skills

• Team Player, Problem Solving, Time Management, Team Leadership, Logical Approach, Flexibility, Responsibility, Dependability.

Current Role: Since Jan 2015

Full Stack Developer

Roles and Responsibilities

A MEAN stack developer who works with API’s as well as Frontend frameworks such as Angular 2+.

Manages Databases as well as setup schemas for projects utilizing MongoDb as the primary Database.

Ensure the code runs clearly while debugging anything out of the ordinary, making it a priority to ensure good coding practice is upheld and clients service/products is up to their standard.

Stacks Used Here: • Angular 8, PHP, Express.js, MongoDB, Google Cloud Platform(Serverless Cloud deployment), Electron, Typescript, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Joomla, Postman(REST Endpoint Testing), Visual Studio Code(IDE).

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