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Why a limited time exclusivity is in your best interest

Posted on 15 August 2017

Candidate exclusivity: Why it’s cool for candidates

  • The candidate gets 100% of our attention. If we agree to work in partnership, we commit to finding appropriate interviews and will do so within an agreed time frame
  • The candidate gets bespoke personalised service; Regular contact, access to exclusive jobs, real-time updates and ‘our after hours number’. 
  • The candidate does not have to ‘do the rounds’ of recruiters, wasting time visiting recruiters, taking time off work, being kept waiting etc. etc.
  • The candidate won’t have their resume sprayed around town. Exclusivity preserves their confidentiality and credibility.
  • Exclusivity improves their ‘image’ with clients. The client has not seen them from elsewhere. They are a ‘rare’ bird. And rarity increases value.
  • It saves the candidate time talking to many recruiters over an extended period.
  • We only ask for a few days, maybe a week or two, max. That’s all they risk.


Candidate Exclusivity: The ‘how’

  • We will be selective in choosing the candidate that we work exclusively. We only ask for exclusivity if we know we can secure interviews in the agreed time frame. If we don’t have great matching job orders, or client’s we can approach, we will not ask for exclusivity.
  • An agreed time period of exclusivity. We ask for reasonable, manageable period of time. A few days for a junior candidate. A few hours for a ‘hot’ temp’ candidate. A week or two for a more senior candidate. We are flexible as it is not about ‘stopping the candidate from their job search’. It’s about giving us enough time  to secure interviews!
  • We will agree a list of jobs that we will represent the candidate to. We will also approach the companies the candidate would like to work for.
  • Rules of engagement - We will approach the agreed 5 or 6 companies. The candidate will not go to any other recruiters, or approach clients direct, for the period of the exclusive window.
  • We map out a ‘job search’ plan, bespoke for the candidate. “These are the steps we will take. The clients we will approach. The referees we will contact. This is the communications schedule we agree on"

If we are not getting interviews for the candidate as we thought we would, we will ‘release’ the candidate from the ‘exclusive agreement’ early and with a smile.

With thanks to Greg Savage for this blog