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Virtually Done! Virtual Assistants

Posted on 08 October 2022

Overwhelmed with work? Need a helping hand but not the salary outlay?

Meet our Virtual "Girl Friday" Assistants

We have encountered so many older women who are overlooked because of their age in the work place. They are smart, energetically youthful with over 20 years’ experience & an ingrained work ethic.

They started their working careers with manual typewriters, moving on to electric typewriters, then dedicated word processing machines & facsimile machines. Manual invoicing, orders, bookkeeping & so much more. When Personal Computers were 1st introduced in the early '80's they kept up with learning new software, teaching others, keeping it all together while developing life -long skills. They were known as “Girl Fridays” or Secretaries. Their WORK experience was their University.

Some of them worked for years at the same company. Making 1000’s of pots of coffee, dealing with misogynistic bosses & difficult, demanding clients, nothing more than a work horse & yet they continued to keep the cogs turning. They were the backbone of the business! Now that they are in their 50’s & 60’s, they are out in the world with very little. Mostly forgotten, but fondly thought of at times. They are not living the retirement dream!

We have gathered a few of these women & started Virtually Done! The numbers will grow over time as demand grows. They have laptops & internet, know most of the popular office software, enthusiastic & need to work.

Let Go & Let us! Free up your workload. Buy yourself some time!

Services currently offered

Clerical & Administrative support


Proof reading

PowerPoint Presentations

Social Media Graphics (Canva Proficient)

Social Media Advertising

Event planning

Recruitment Administrators

Typing up of CV’s

Initial screening of candidates

Interviews set up & coordinated

What you will get


Attention to detail