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Practical tips for job searching & the Likeability Factor - Part 2 - Preparing your Brand

Posted on 25 July 2019

If you missed the previous post. Catch up here Practical Ideas for job searching & the likeability factor - Part 1- Introduction

I receive many emails daily from new graduates trying to get into the employment market, some are desperate and losing hope. I also have experienced people who find they are not landing that new role they were after. I have written this guide to give some clarity on how things generally work behind the scenes, and what recruiters & hiring managers are looking for and what you can do.

Recruiters & hiring managers receive hundreds of applications and mails every day and there really is not enough time in the day to respond to all. It is safe to assume that if you have received no response within 2 weeks, your application was not successful. If you show potential, the chances are good that you have ended up in their database, and you will be contacted in the future if there is an opening that suits your education, skills, experience etc.

Job searching can be soul destroying, which impacts on you and your quality of life. It can end up in a downward spiral, causing depression, low self-esteem and finally just giving up and taking a job that is not related to your studies / interests / goals just to earn an income. If this applies to you never stop looking for openings in your field and add this to your cover mail. This is covered in more detail later on.


Getting your Brand ready

YOU are your own Brand and therefor totally in control of how you present yourself

Having read many thousands of CV’s during my extensive career as a Recruitment Consultant, there are so many mistakes a job seeker makes that lessens the chances of them securing that interview or getting that job offer. This is a practical guide to increase your chances of being heard / getting that job.

Let’s start with your Branding

Select a good photograph

Select a good professional photo of yourself. This is the first thing networking contacts and employers who are sourcing candidates are going to notice. A good way to boost your Brand is to consider using the same professional image on all of your work-related social accounts.

Email Account

Many email clients include a feature where you can upload a profile photo that appears next to your name. Double-check that your email signature is up-to-date and looks professional


Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings, simply hiding your tagged photos or wall posts may not be enough. You may not want recruiters or hiring managers to see what you get up to in your private time


There’s more to Instagram than just the photos you post. Be sure to check the photos you’re tagged in, which an employer could view from your profile. Delete the ones that are not work appropriate. Anyone who’s following you can also see your comments and likes.

Old Social Media Profiles

Check your old profiles. Try Googling your name (First Name Last Name) and any old email addresses to see what comes up.

Check Other Profiles

If you are using other platforms like Skype, or Google Hangouts, make sure your profile is professional. Check the profile photo, associated email address, and your status

Preparing for video Interviews

Check the background before the video call starts. Your potential employer or recruiter does not want to see your underwear hung over the bedpost, or a pile of dirty laundry and unmade bed. You would be surprised at how much can be visible. Preparation is key to ensure that you have a successful interview experience.

Check Any Personal Websites or Portfolios

Check that all links work and that the domain names have not expired. Make sure the content is up to date and shows your most recent (and best) accomplishments.

Your LinkedIn Profile (LI)

If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, open one now. When HR Managers and recruiters begin their search for staff, they will, more than likely, start with LinkedIn. They could search by education, experience or those open to job opportunities, or subjects studied & skills learnt. Make certain that the information you provide matches these criteria to ensure your profile comes up in the mix.

Use a professional photo as previously suggested. We do want to see what you look like,it makes the process more personal. LinkedIn offers a headline which is visible to your connections and to recruiters / HR Managers. This headline is like a status. Use this to say you are “Currently looking for opportunities”. It's a quick and easy way to let your connections know that you are searching, and maybe your potential employer is one of their connections. LI is your online CV. Use it, but keep it professional. Make it work for you. Be honest because potential employers could check your profile. Recruiters certainly will. LI reflects the highlights of your career, to date, and is a snapshot of who you are

Very informative article here on how to have a stand-out LI profile https://theundercoverrecruiter...

Compare Your Resume to Your LinkedIn Profile

So often candidates neglect one or the other. Ensure that job titles, dates of employment, education and skills are consistent across both platforms. Inconsistencies will show up. Once you are satisfied that your LI gives a good impression of you, use this link on your CV and email signature

Social Media Behavior

Are you aware that many Recruiters and hiring managers check you out on social media? Without getting into politics, I am constantly astounded by what people post on social media. Many are professionals, working for big companies who get involved in fights and say some really vile, really hateful stuff, all this on public forums which appears in any search we do! Google yourself, check where & what you posted on Facebook and other platforms. If there is something there that you would not want your mother or a potential employer to see, delete it! Use restraint going forward

Now that your BRAND is ready to market, let’s move on.

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