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Practical tips for job searching & the Likeability Factor - Part 1 - Introduction

Posted on 25 July 2019


Although this guide was written for new job seekers, there is also some good advice for those who have previously been down this road and know that it can be time consuming and often a waste of time. We give you tips and advice on how to make the whole process a lot simpler and ensure your CV gets in front of the people that matter. Binge watching "Game of Thrones" while waiting for Interview requests to come in, will not get you that job.

“She had put despair and fear aside, as if they were garments she did not choose to wear.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones


Practical Ideas for job searching & the likeability factor

I regularly get asked for advice by recent graduates and job seekers for ideas and pointers on how they can get jobs and / or experience. These young people have worked so hard to get where they are, some in situations and hardship that is hard to imagine and doors are not opening for them. There are many articles and blogs available on the internet. This guide is a combination of some of those but mostly based on my experience as a recruiter.

Practical advice in a nutshell

This is a summary. There is a lot more in-depth information further on in this guide which will be published over the next few weeks.

· Keep posting on LinkedIn

· Find a mentor

· Link with people at the company you aspire to get into. Collaborate with them.

· It is all about standing out to potential employers.

· Work for free / Freelance – yes. Not ideal, but if you are not currently working and have family support, offer to do an internship for free for a few months.

Go onto the job boards of the corporates and other companies. Apply for the jobs that you have studied for. Do NOT apply for jobs that you are clearly not suitable for, as this can result in your CV not being taken seriously and you can miss out on future roles.

Sell yourself in the introduction or cover letter. Do NOT just attach your CV and send. This does not show professionalism, commitment or passion. 90% of the CV's we receive that are just attached to an email, with no information or introduction on the cover mail, are from people who are doing a shot gun approach. By doing this, you take the risk of your CV being deleted without being read.

Make sure your CV is laid out properly. Do NOT over format and over share. Do this with easy to read sections. When sending CV’s, do not attach all your certifications/degrees/transcripts etc. Getting the attention of the hiring manager is your first priority. In your cover letter, you can highlight your degree/results.

If you are currently working at a job to earn money so that you can pay bills, state this on your CV or cover letter. Working at XYZ as a xxx while job searching or words to that effect. Make it obvious that this is a temporary measure until you can find employment in your chosen field.

Never stop learning! Research / do projects / practice / build a portfolio / take free on line courses.

Join the meetups and groups in your area. Keep involved. Meet like-minded people and their bosses.

Do not drink and drive. It is astounding how many young people have criminal records for DUI and this impacts negatively when being considered for a job. Obviously, do not do anything else that is illegal either

If you are invited to an interview – PREPARE!!

Be positive

Never give up!!

Decide that you are the solution and don’t blame external factors. Take responsibility for all areas of your job search. Job searching isn't simple, and it's not always easy to stay positive and focused. When you've sent hundreds of resumes without much of a response, it can be difficult to keep going. It's important though to keep plugging away.

Getting into the nitty gritty of job searching ...

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Practical Ideas for job searching & the Likeability Factor - Part 2 - Preparing your Brand (That is YOU!) Don't miss this step!

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