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Pesky applications & tests

Posted on 02 August 2017

In the last few months’ things have changed. Please help me figure it out.

I mail people (yes, I bulk mail these) but all the recipients have been vetted, so the mail IS relevant. I mail because I think calling is intrusive. Is it?

Some respond politely and some not so politely (Those not so polite are removed from future mailings. Would not want to associate myself with people who don’t have manners). Some don’t respond at all. That I can live with. Life is busy and you are not looking.

Then there are those who respond enthusiastically and send me their CV’s. Most CV’s don’t have all the answers and additional information is required. We send out our “Profile” which is 5 pages long (would be a lot less if we used a smaller font)

In this “Profile” there are definitely things we can get from the CV, but so much is left off. For e.g. Reasons for leaving / a time line of your career / industries or companies you are not interested in / companies you have already been interviewed by / we ask about criminal record / restraint of trade / YOUR requirements.

Why not interview /call them you say? With our unemployment rate being as high as it is, with candidates who don’t unpack well on paper, CV’s that are not very clear and don’t make an impact, we would require a dedicated interview team or call centre to handle the applications received every day and 90% of the time spent would be wasted, so we dig for the gold by sending out our “Profile” to complete.

When these are received back, we can then see who IS right for the role, we can see commitment to the process, communication skills and so much more. The Profile is a snapshot of who you are and your career to date. This also tells us who would make good employees, who would cut corners, who can’t be bothered with spell check and is not one for detail, who has no particular interest in their career or growth. There is a section on earnings. Many candidates don’t know what their total Cost to Company is. Many get great offers, only to discover they have less.

Once we have identified the gold, we can now commit to them and their career. Those who are not immediately suitable, we add to our database and have all the information at our fingertips for when THEIR perfect role comes in. 

Then we have the clients’ who require technical test’s. They don’t care that you have been in the industry for 20 years. They care that you are able to do the job well. These tests have shown us very senior people who have very little knowledge and have not kept up to date with technology, people who at that level SHOULD know a lot more. I have had developers very insulted with a PHP test I sent them, but offers have been in the R80/R90k pm bracket. You can’t blame the client for wanting someone who knows their stuff, and if it IS a silly test, or you DO feel insulted at the “retarded” test (yes, that was one of the responses I received with an invite to go do the impossible with ourselves) then it should be a breeze to do, and you land the job that pays over 1 million per annum. Then we find those super stars who are very undervalued at their present jobs, who should be earning a lot more. What a joy when the client offers almost double their salaries. These tests can be done at home, in your own time.

So, my questions are

Why are people resistant to filling in applications? If you are seriously looking for a new job, do you work with the company that does not require this, that shotguns your CV until you get lucky?

Is filling in a bunch of questions (many that could be answered by reading your CV, yes I get that) not worth the hassle or commitment?

How would you prefer a recruiter to work with you? Call you at the office, drag you down for an interview in the middle of your busy day, to get you to complete forms that ask the exact same questions and you are not suitable or the job is not a fit?

Send you an online interview (Profile/application) to complete online, in your own time?

Keep calling with a hard sell, as opposed to sending you a short mail with what is available? (This discreet method is not working too well :) )

Sending you long, detailed mails with the oh, so boring job specs?

Or the recruiter who recognises the gold, the commitment, the passion, the fit and clears their desk and gets cracking with getting you that job that initially caught your interest?

What do YOU prefer?   Send me an email and let me know your thoughts