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I am just a recruiter standing in front of your door with a CV in my hand…

Posted on 06 August 2019

Its official, job searching sucks!

I am normally on the other side of the desk, searching for suitable candidates for roles we have but this time, I was searching for suitable companies for a candidate I have.

I have been approached by a SENIOR MOBILE DEVELOVER in Cape Town to find him a job. He wants to work with one agent only. This Developer has 5-star skills, years of experience working as an engineer, with a market related salary, not a salary that says “I know you are desperate” but if you want me, sell a kidney!

So, I became a job seeker, on his behalf.

Armed with a shortened CV, highlighting the value he brings and a short cover letter, I searched for “Mobile Jobs in Cape Town” and promptly disappeared down that rabbit hole.

What I learned!

I don’t EVER want to be a job seeker…

There are 100’s & 100’s of relevant jobs listed. But if you look closely, most of those jobs are listed by many different agencies. (Now why would companies want to do this? Why would they want to multi-list with so many agents? We are all fishing from the same pond, so the poor fish gets hooked many times and ends up in a pass the parcel game, the poor CV reader gets to read the same CV many times (generally not a fit anyway) on differently formatted CV’s with differently worded intro’s, but I digress)

So I look for clues on the job spec to see if I can find out who the company is, and BINGO, after Googling some of the requirements, I find not only the original company, but many others looking for the same set of skills.

Now this is where it got tricky because when you click on the link, you are directed to another site, generally a job board, and you need to register with them first. Nope..I don’t want to register on ANY job board!

Some of these are posted by ninja recruitment companies (heck those guys are good!) but after careful research, I see they are not some fancy start-up or Fintech company, but recruitment companies in fancy clothes. So off I go to the next link until I find an actual company, and I get directed to their Company / Career page.

I click on the apply button, and yet another obstacle course!

Do these companies REALLY want to employ the best people, or only those willing to do the Iron Man version of applications? What a mission. I abandoned most of those applications, but not before wasting a lot of time.

You need to register first, so I did, putting in my name and contact details as requested, Yay you think, I can get this CV to them, Not so fast… another page opens and they want you to write a book about your career, to basically unpack your entire CV again and list your full Skills Matrix. Finally, you need to load your CV as a word attachment. Now as a recruiter, I also prefer Word CV’s, but Word CV’s have become a bit of a trust thing. I need to trust you with all my personal info that can be edited, and I don’t even know you or the black hole you are asking me to throw it into, but hey, I am the job seeker, so I do and 12 seconds later I receive an acknowledgement, now we wait!

I did that once…no one has time for that!

I then went searching for companies who did not have the same procedure, who did not make applying for jobs harder than getting into the CIA. I didn’t find too many.

There were so few listings that said, if you wish to apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to …@.....

Some companies didn’t have a career page, so I sent the application to their info email. I wonder if anyone finally will get to read it.

If this is AI recruiting, all I can say is, being a job seeker is exhausting and a full-time job.

I still need to find a great company for a Senior Mobile Developer and Team Lead in Cape town though…

...and for some other really good talent who do not want to go down that rabbit hole!

(At the time of writing...not ONE response. Tech shortage? What Tech shortage?)

Go check out our "Featured Candidate" page, Great talent looking for jobs because I am too busy wading through the jungle of job posts trying to find a link that means anything, so will probably not find YOU and your job post.