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Feeling restless? Keep your job search low key, with minimal effort, disruption and stress free!

Posted on 27 July 2019

Have you been in the same job for a while but starting to get twitchy, feeling more and more like you are just another resource, in too much of a comfort zone and getting stale? Let us mix it up a bit, and bring excitement back into your life!

Is this you?

You work for an awesome company with great people, but you no longer have the same enthusiasm and the passion for what you do has dwindled. Maybe you are working in a toxic environment, where you DON”T love your job, or made a bad career choice when accepting the role and now going backwards. Perhaps your salary is not keeping up with market trends, or you are missing out on new technology. You don’t see any growth in the near future or you are just plain bored!


You need something to stimulate & challenge you, you need to learn new things, you need to earn more because you are barely managing on what you are currently earning, or maybe you work weekends and well into the night, cutting in on your personal life. Maybe your efforts are just not valued anymore? There can be a number of reasons, but you are in a comfort zone, and the idea of starting the process of looking for new adventures just keeps you stuck in your box.

It is an arduous task when you are actively looking. Wading through the hundreds of roles posted on line, most of them the same job, posted by many recruiters. The idea of working with loads of recruiters just turns you off, either because of a previous bad experience, or because it just becomes too time consuming and disruptive. Choosing a recruiter who is committed and knows what they are doing is also a factor. It is like online dating. Many are wrong for you


Posting your CV on a job board is not the best idea either, as you want to keep the fact you are searching low key as you don’t want your company to know that you are starting to get twitchy, and you ESPECIALLY do not want to alert the recruiters. So, what to do?


Talk to us… it really IS that simple!

We have been doing this for 12 years. We do not chase numbers or metrics. Each candidate we choose to work with, is more than just a CV. If we are unable to assist, we will then introduce you to someone who can, someone we trust to handle you as a human, and not as a resource or a metric.

You tell us what value you can offer a client, the skills and experience you can bring to the table, what type of role you want, your ideal location, salary and benefits required, and providing your skills and experience are in line with you expectation and within our scope, we will assist you and guide you through the process to find you that perfect job. This will be smooth with the least amount of disruption to your life.

We will market you to clients (with your permission of course), totally anonymously, highlighting all of your strengths, and what it is you are looking for. Because we are representing you, we will work in YOUR best interests so that you don’t waste your time going to interviews for roles that are not a match. (Think of a literary or movie agent)


All we need from you is a commitment to participate and see the process through, to work with us in identifying the best companies and opportunities that are of interest to you. We would prefer a “sole mandate” for a short period of time, to enable us to better control the process, but if this is not possible, we can work around this.

So, think about what it is that you want, work out a list of non-negotiables and a wish list, then send this to us with your updated CV. We will do the rest discretely at absolutely no cost and minimal effort on your part.

If you want to make use of our services, send a mail to with reference Agent Required and we will get back to you.

Please note that we can only work with a selected few candidates at a time, so may not be able to accommodate everyone.

We are not the right agency for you if;

You want to apply for the CEO role at Eskom or something similar

You are looking for a top senior management role

If your salary expectation is more than R1.5m pa

Your preference is to work for a large corporate

You are only interested in contracting

You are looking for a role outside of the industries we work in (IT / Finance / Digital / HR)

You are a new graduate or 1st time job seeker (you need to have at least 2 years commercial experience). There is a blog section devoted to how you can improve your chances of finding a job ( Increase your chances of finding a job )

Use us and our contacts to find the next step on your career path. No fuss!