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Studio 29: Boutique Recruitment Agency for IT, Finance, Business Intelligence & Digital

Studio 29 is a leading recruitment partner established in 2007, specializing in sourcing top talent and assisting candidates in finding new opportunities within the IT, Business Intelligence, Finance, and Digital sectors. As professional recruiters, our goal is to provide high-quality candidates, cost-effective solutions, quick turnaround times, and accurate referrals for our clients.

Vision: At Studio 29, our vision is to remain an exclusive "boutique" recruitment agency, dedicated to selected companies and quality candidates. We believe in providing personalized attention and exceptional service to both clients and candidates.

Clients: Our client base consists of established, dynamic, and successful companies primarily located in Cape Town, Garden Route, and Gauteng. We partner with these organizations to understand their unique requirements and provide tailored recruitment solutions.

Methodology: Studio 29 follows a meticulous methodology to ensure that we recommend candidates who meet or exceed the job requirements. Through our extensive and diverse database, we have access to top talent that may not have been accessible to you before. Our proactive team actively searches for and connects with exceptional candidates, continuously expanding our talent pool.

Fee Structure: We take pride in offering an extremely competitive fee structure that ensures our services remain accessible and attractive in the marketplace. Coupled with our personalized approach, this has made us a popular choice among clients seeking reliable recruitment agencies.

Outsourced Recruitment Services: If you're on a budget but still need staffing support, we offer Outsourced Recruitment Services. This comprehensive solution includes recruitment marketing, candidate screening, initial communication, interview coordination, and reference checks. It allows you to save costs, reduce workload, and focus on other essential tasks while benefiting from our extensive networks and database.

Benefits of Choosing Studio 29:

  • Cost-saving solutions that fit your budget
  • Time-saving and reduced workload, enabling you to focus on core tasks
  • Access to a large network of top candidates
  • Customized recruitment solutions tailored to your specific needs

Specializations: While we have established ourselves as IT recruitment specialists in Cape Town and Gauteng, we also offer general recruitment services within IT, Business Intelligence, Finance, and Digital domains. Whether you're looking for new opportunities or need to fill a vacancy, Studio 29 is here to assist.

Contact Us: If you're seeking new career opportunities or require recruitment assistance, we invite you to get in touch with us. Reach out via email at or give us a call at 072 914 5344.

Choose Studio 29 as your trusted recruitment partner and experience our commitment to excellence in finding the perfect match for your organization or career aspirations.

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Managing Member – Anita Rainier-Pope

Anita Rainier-Pope

Anita has actively been involved in the Recruitment industry for many years and has successfully completed the APSO examinations.

Contact: 072 914 5344