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About Us

Studio 29 - Recruitment Consultants - Established in 2007



As professional Recruiters, our job is to source the best employees for clients and assist candidates with finding new opportunities within the IT / Finance / Human Resources & Digital space. Our hiring goal being high quality candidates, low cost, minimal time to fill, and extremely accurate referrals.


The vision for Studio 29 is to remain an exclusive “boutique” Recruitment Agency for selected companies and quality candidates, giving clients & relevant candidates dedicated attention.


Our clients are established, dynamic and successful companies. We are currently working with companies in Cape Town, KZN, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape.


The gathering of information by Studio 29 ensures that the only CVs sent, are CVs that meet most, if not all, of the job requirements. We have an extensive and diverse database of top candidates whose careers we have followed that may not have been accessible to you before. We have a team who spend their day proactively searching for, and connecting with, top talent, constantly adding to our database.

Fee Structure

Our fees are structured in such a way that they are extremely competitive in the marketplace, which, coupled with our personal service, has already made us an extremely popular recruitment agency.

Typical resources we work with


Software Developer

Web Developer

Application Developer

Mobile Developer

Front End Developer / Engineer

Full Stack Developer

UX Developer

UX Designer

Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst


Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

Business Analyst

Team Leader


Data scientists

Data Analysts

Human Resources

Human Resource (HR) Manager

Human Resources (HR) Administrator

Human Resources (HR) Assistant

Human Resources (HR) Generalist

Human Resources (HR) Officer

Hiring Manager

Internal Recruitment


Creative Director



Account Manager

Digital Marketing Manager


Financial Accountant

Financial Manager

Financial Analyst


Finance & Administration Manager

Financial Administrator

We also offer Recruitment training & guidance for internal recruiters.

So, if you are looking for a new oportunities or need to fill a vacancy, you have come to the right place!

Managing Member – Anita Rainier-Pope

Anita Rainier-Pope

Anita has actively been involved in the IT industry for many years and has successfully completed the APSO examinations.

Contact Anita Rainier-Pope

Contact: 072 914 5344