Studio 29

Project Manager & Scrum Master - International Experience

  • Location Western Cape
  • Role Project Manager & Scrum Master
  • Salary Currently earning R500k p.a
  • Years Experience 10 years
  • Highest Qualification Certified Scrum Master
  • Ref # 157
  • EE/AA Status EE
  • Gender Male
  • Reliable Transport Yes

I adopt a pragmatic fit-for-purpose, proactive approach and seek ways to find and apply best practice. I have the ability to understand the different roles people play across a software delivery life cycle. I am strong technically, and have specific knowledge and experience of Agile, alongside traditional waterfall project methodologies. My dual South African and British citizenship affords me the ability to work internationally.

Currently working in a dual role as a Delivery Manager and Scrum Master and managing diverse cross-functional teams to deliver software applications, products and infrastructure change to support solutions or products on a day-to-day basis

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