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South African IT salaries Dec - May 2018 – Which jobs pay the most

Posted on 25 May 2018

Staff Writer 24 May 2018  (This article was copied from and does NOT refer to the salaries on offer for the roles advertised on our website)

CareerJunction has released its latest salary review for South Africa.

The review covers the top 10 employment sectors in the country, and has been compiled using up-to-date salary information based on real-world offers.

It also includes regional differences in salaries for the covered employment sectors.

CareerJunction said the information, based on the 16,000 jobs it posts monthly, was measured from December 2017 to May 2018.

The company stated that in interpreting the data, the skills levels referenced are defined as follows:

·         Intermediate – You have more skills than a beginner, but you’re not quite an expert yet.

·         Senior – You have more skills and experience compared to a person with intermediate skills.

IT salaries in South Africa

The table below details the average salaries of IT professionals in South Africa.

IT Salaries


Intermediate Salary

Senior Salary

Software Development

R34,616 – R46,342

R42,493 – R54,924

Technical & Business Architecture

R41,056 – R56,833

R41,146 – R58,981

Business Analysis

R39,679 – R46,046

R48,864 – R57,907

Systems Analysis

R30,654 – R35,167

Database Design, Development & Administration

R31,611 – R39,929

Systems & Network Administration

R28,239 – R34,440

R32,485 – R38,735

UX & GUI Design

R29,048 – R44,381

R38,848 – R51,970

IT Project Administration & Management

R34,740 – R44,951

R44,510 – R54,688

Data Analysis & Data Warehousing

R32,901 – R43,308

R39,111 – R47,833

IT Management

R56,726 – R66,012

R57,361 – R68,281

Regional differences

The differences in IT salaries based on geographic regions are detailed in the image below.

The review stated that, on average, the Western Cape and Gauteng remain favourable locations to work for IT professionals.

“Salaries in these regions are very close to the national average, while salaries in KwaZulu-Natal are not nearly as competitive,” said CareerJunction

  Salary Differences