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South African IT salaries Dec - May 2018 – Which jobs pay the most

Posted on 25 May 2018

South African IT salaries – Which jobs pay the most

Staff Writer24 May 2018

(This article was copied from

CareerJunction has released its latest salary review for South Africa.

The review covers the top 10 employment sectors in the country, and has been compiled using up-to-date salary information based on real-world offers.

It also includes regional differences in salaries for the covered employment sectors.

CareerJunction said the information, based on the 16,00...

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Graduates looking to start their careers - Do's and Dont's

Posted on 19 April 2018

I regularly get asked by recent graduates how they can get jobs and experience.  This is always a tough one for me because these young people have worked so hard to get where they are, some in situations and hardship that is hard to imagine. 

I don’t have the answers for them but I DO try to keep their spirit and hope alive.  The fact that there is still hope and their spirit hasn’t died yet, tells me that...

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Refer a Friend Reward - R5,000 / T's & C's

Posted on 04 January 2018

We all know someone who is looking for a job.  Colleague / friend / family member.  Now you can earn R5,000 for referring a candidate we successfully place!

Terms & Conditions;

We should not already be in talks with them regarding the role applied / referred for

*Successful placement means they successfully complete their probationary period 

  Payment will be made once the client has paid, and the candidate completes 90 days   of successful service or sooner at the...

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Candidates - The #1 Thing That Sets You Apart in an Interview by Katie McConnell, CPA, PHR

Posted on 20 August 2017

This article was found on LinkedIn.  Written by Katie McConnell, CPA, PHR - Hiring & Consulting Practice Leader at CliftonLarsonAllen

I get asked all the time about what a candidate can do to stand out. I get frequent requests to review resumes and provide input on how a candidate can make themselves stand out. So much emphasis is placed on a document that is reviewed for a total of maybe five minutes (three minutes by your typical recruiter and maybe...

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Why a limited time exclusivity is in your best interest

Posted on 15 August 2017

Candidate exclusivity: Why it’s cool for candidates

The candidate gets 100% of our attention. If we agree to work in partnership, we commit to finding appropriate interviews and will do so within an agreed time frame The candidate gets bespoke personalised service; Regular contact, access to exclusive jobs, real-time updates and ‘our after hours number’.  The candidate does not have to ‘do the rounds’ of recruiters, wasting time visiting recruiters, taking time off work, being kept waiting etc. etc...

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Pesky applications & tests

Posted on 02 August 2017

In the last few months’ things have changed. Please help me figure it out.

I mail people (yes, I bulk mail these) but all the recipients have been vetted, so the mail IS relevant. I mail because I think calling is intrusive. Is it?

Some respond politely and some not so politely (Those not so polite are removed from future mailings. Would not want to associate myself with people who don’t have manners). Some don’t respond at all. That I can live with. Life is busy and...

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